Reid to lead second effort to expand executive branch authority over Internet

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Mvector, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. Mvector


  2. Federal Government WANTS TO BE IN CONTROL OF EVERYTHING.. What we hear, read, say... what kind of cars we drive.. how we light and heat our homes... perhaps even our thoughts.

    Unless Congress and the citizenry put a stop to it, America will become like the Soviet Union before its collapse.

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  3. Eight


    The rest of the world can do the US the biggest favor by repudiating the dollar. The Federal Mafia will have no money, the State Mafia's will collapse, men will have to be men and women will have to be glad of it.. After the dust and smoke clears we can go back to the constitution..

    I'm wondering what the Left is planning to do in the case of a collapse.. we know they are poised to try to use the crisis for a power grab but how will they do that, I'm always wondering.. They can't be the savior of anybody without wealth to spread around..
  4. Mvector


    Reid needs to be probed by the TSA for a month so he can directly "feel the effects" of big governement!