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Discussion in 'Psychology' started by bronks, May 21, 2009.

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    Anybody take one of these?

    It was required of me as part of a security access package for a job I'm bidding on. I don't know how you can fail a psych test, especially when there are not only yes and no answers, but three degrees of each.

    I was told you couldn't study for it (makes sense) and to tell the truth and only answer yes or no. However, only answering yes or no conflicts with the truth part. I mean jeez, nothing's black and white.

    So I failed the test and haven't a clue as to why.

    Any ideas?
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    You're not their type obviously
  3. bronks


    Enlightening. Thanks.

    I excel in test taking. It's my thing. I don't show up for classes but ace my tests and in the end I pass. So this ambiguous shit really chaps my hide.
  4. It's an arbitrary means of dismissing "qualified" applicants who aren't friends nor cronies of the employer/customer. :cool:
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  6. The test is related to integrity.

    If you get to a place where your mind is not differentiated for integrity, this condition becomes known as a consequence of the mental crosswiring you are exhibiting. Examine the posts you made here, for example.
  7. bronks


    Don't be ambiguous Jack. Just say what you mean.

    My integrity is of high standards.
    I've never stolen anything, cheated a company (or person) out of money or man-hours. I'm easy to get along with, I'm not high strung or strung out. I tell the truth and every employer I've ever worked for in the past never wanted to let me go. I'm intuitive and of decent intelligence and morality. Sure I did some crap ages ago that I shouldn't have, but I have no criminal record going forward and am not a criminal.

    Another words, in my mind and opinion, there is no way I should've failed that test.
  8. Sorry if a was ambiguous.

    I was commenting on the test first.

    Secondly, I commentd that you posted on your ability to do various things, one of which was your ability to follow instructions and your ability to take tests and your ability to determine the expected answer from your point of view.

    In the experience you have just completed, the test judges and you have a disagreement on just how a combination of answers works out if they occur. Their combination is different than your combination.

    Unfortunately, they are the ones who define what it is that is the subject of the test.

    I aplogize for seeming, to you, to be ambiguous. I was not trying to be ambiguous.
  9. bronks


    No need to apologize Jack, but I accept in anycase.

    Your partial quote in which I highlighted, is what I surmised. However, It just seems like a lot potentially good candidates can slip through the cracks as it is used, in my circumstance, as a be all - end all device.

    I don't know why it's bothering me so much. It's not like the job was worth millions.
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    took a job equivalanct test once, one of the questions was "If u were in a band,would u like to be a lead singer ,head guitar, drummer,roadie,, lead singer would be leader, head guitar would be 2nd hand man to the boss, drummer would be go with the flow and roadie would be shy and in the background, Depends on what type of person they wanted for the position,these tests are there possibly because the human resources person was hired on credentials , not on ability to read people ,the natural talent required for the job, so that person needs these tests to make decisions. Just my 2 cents, not necessarrily right or wrong.
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