Reid- I can't believe what I am reading

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  1. Mav88


    They just raised taxes not more than 5 weeks ago in a severe budget crisis, now Reid is saying

    I am now firmly supportive of any republican led shutdown. How is it possible to compromise with psychotic leftist assholes?
  2. pspr


    It's a ploy to just let the sequester happen. They get the deep Defense budget cuts they want and they can blame that and the other program cuts on Republicans. Afterwards, they can restore the cuts to programs they like by having the beneficiaries of those programs cry loud and publicly. And the Democraps come out looking like the heros.

    Democraps NEVER have the good of the country at heart. It's just a ruthless game of maneuvering the other side into a bad position regardless of what would be best for the nation as a whole. Constituents on the other side can just go screw themselves as far as the Democraps care.
  3. I think Reid is done. They'll use him to float the new "revenue" idea. Any flak Reid gets won't hurt anyone.
  4. Mav88


    sequester is a done deal, it's the march 27 shutdown now looming ahead

    I just can't fathom the cynical gall of these people, we just raised taxes, and not more than 5 weeks later they are calling for new taxes. The nature of the beast is pretty clear, and now these neo-communists are feeling emboldened by the election.

    The problem is there aren't enough productive people left to stop them in a democracy, what a tragedy.
  5. Lucrum


    Leaving the productive tax payers only a few choices.
    Leave the country
    sit and watch it go down the tubes
    Follow the footsteps of our patriot forefathers.
  6. pspr


    They will just have to lower the standard of the "rich" down to include "the well off" making as little as $50,000 a year.

    At that point they will still have the 49% who pay no taxes as a solid base and the 10% or 20% or so of morons who make more who vote Democrap anyway. :D
  7. The tax revenue supposedly to be gained by the tax hikes on te 450k income/year earners were already blown on that hurricane sandy porkulus relief bill.

    like a crack addict after smoking a bowl full ,They're broke again.
  8. JamesL


    Reid is just parroting his boss:

    Obama: 'There Is No Doubt We Need Additional Revenue'

    "There is no doubt we need additional revenue, coupled with smart spending reductions, in order to bring down our deficit," said Obama. "And we can do it in a gradual way so it doesn't have a huge impact. As I said, when you look at some of these deductions that certain folks are able to take advantage of, the average person can't take advantage of them. The average person doesn't have access to Cayman Island accounts, the average person doesn't have access to carried interest income where they end up paying a much lower rate on billions of dollars that they've earned. And so we want to make sure that the whole system is fair, that it's transparent, and that we're reducing our deficit in a way that doesn't hamper growth, reduce the kinds of -- you know, strategies that we need, in order to make sure that we're creating good jobs and a strong middle class."
  9. Mav88


    notice how austerity is being turned into a negative word. the plan is to convince their dumb masses that there is no need for a budget constraint since the evil rich will never pay their 'fair share'

    This is exactly how lenin rose to power, we are watching the downfall in real time. I have news for you, there will be no Sweden or Canada like turn aropund from this madness. They let the grown ups take over by cutting government. Our population is far different.
  10. Mav88


    Bullshit words for his dumb disciples. He has no intention of cutting much of anything.
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