Reid Bitch Slaps Boehner

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  1. Boeher is on the record saying no increase in the debt ceiling unless the Dems agree to trillions in cuts.

    Reid replied:

    “You can't talk about cuts without first looking at eliminating the giveaways to big oil. It should start there,” Jon Summers, a top spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), said in a statement. “We agree we have to cut spending, but it is ridiculous for Republicans to push a plan to kill Medicare while trying to defend taxpayer handouts to big oil companies that are making record profits. They don't need the money. If Republicans are serious about cutting spending, they'll support our plan to eliminate welfare for Big Oil so we can apply that money toward the deficit.”

    Should be fun and hopefully both sides will figure out a way to make meaningful cuts.

  2. Reid taking the high road again...not. Republicans want to kill medicare? Really? Because they are the only ones with a serious plan to save it. But it's ok, let Reid and obama get back in the gutter together. Maybe it will give the republicans some backbone, as unlikely as that is to happen.

    The republicans face a moment of truth here. Hold fast and let obama deal with a default or force a craven surrender. Either way, they win.

    That said, I look for them to fold early and agree to some miniscule cuts.
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    BS. They think they're in some kind of "serious" corner with no other way out, because of their ideological fanaticism with taxation. Our taxes need to rise. They are low by worldwide standards, and they are too low considering we have an empire to run and a baby boom. Reps will have to "cave" because their ideas have no political or economic feasibility. They know this, but when they speak they're merely pandering to a scared slice of the electorate (conveniently, the one they're making scared). Until reps drop their core constituency, the rich, they're going nowhere again in any significant way, until average Americans are again working and spending enough to forget this whole sorry time.
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    This is why America is fucked, Dems wont cut spending, republicans wont increase taxes, so we are left with nothing, and all the jokers on both sides do is attack any ideas that come to the table from anyone. But lets be clear about something, we could raise taxes to ridiculous levels, and it doesnt even get us close. We need substantial cuts in spending just to get us to a level where raising taxes would even bring us close. Im all for getting rid of subsidies for certain businesses, but dems better be prepared to pay the price when food/gas prices rise. So if all Obama wants to do is take a shot at high income earners,(which is popular due to the smll number of them) then he is just another jackass, who is contributing to the failure of America.

    I am in the process pof trying to sell my house, and move all cash into canadian dollars. Unfortunately I cant keep my day trading account in canadian dollars, or i would be doing that as well. The U.S. is screwed unless we got someone like Ron Paul, or another highly principled candidate running who doesnt care about the popularity of fixing the budget deficit.
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    Ricter, I hope your family is going to be well taken care of, cause you got to be near brain dead to think we need to give more of our money to the thugs in D.C. Wow! Unbelievable!
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    Thats the other problem, if we were to just try raising taxes the government would just send it out the door the second it came in. If they want to raise taxes, and they are actually serious about balancing the budget then why wouldnt they come up with a bill that says , "absolutely no new spending until the budget is balanced" That means no new spending on anything whatsoever. I dont even understand how it became acceptable for government programs to be growing, and government employees to be getting raises at a time when we are running 1.5 trillion dollar deficits, if i was shameless enough to work for the government, i would be embrassed to be taking a raise when we are going broke.
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    Did "Boner" cry as usual?
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    Yes, the D.C. thugs will certainly spend whatever is extracted from you and me; and then demand more. And yes, one of the most important things we need is a balanced budget amendment.

    If you had an exconvict living in your neighborhood, would you walk down the street and hand him your checkbook and tell him to take care of your finances? This is akin to what goes on in the USA.

    "The people aren't taxed too little. The government spends too much."---Ronald Wilson Reagan
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    Our spending is not particularly high, either. We're middle of the pack, worldwide. Which is astounding when you consider our position in the world. I don't want to get into waste in depth, all economies have it, and there is no reason to not go after it, but I don't think it's as big a problem as some think it is. I think they feel that way because "taxes cannot rise", if you follow me. Besides, one man's waste is another man's treasure--there's no traction there.

    I would not panic. The US has been in "dire" straits before (even worse I think) and come out quite nicely. I am convinced it will again, though it may have to give up its (very brief) hegemony.

    Raising taxes is not intended to directly (imho) reverse our deficit or pay off our debt, it is to get people "back on board" with America, and back to work. With full employment, receipts will once again begin paying for these things, and attitudes will improve immensely.
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