Reid and Obama Snooker Boehner...Again

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  1. We can't say we weren't warned. We got a taste of the dealmaking skills of John Boehner and his senate sidekick, Mitch McConnell, back at teh end of the year with the budget reconciliation package. You remember, the one that somehow made permanent the Bush tax cuts for everyone but the people who actually pay taxes? And gave obama various stimulus(ie pork) funds in exchange for.. well, not shutting the government down, something that apparently keeps Boehner and McConnell not to mention John McCain up most nights with worry.

    Now the debt ceiling bargain. Let's see. It hasn't even passed and there is a furious war of words flying around between Reid, the White House and Eric Cantor over whether or not tax increases will be part of the commission set up to make further cuts. The dems say yes, Cantor says no.

    The cuts? Minimal and largely in the future and therefore highly implausible. The debt ceiling extension? Past the 2012 election, freeing obama from having to demonstrate any budget leadership again. So we can say the dems achieved their two main objectives, more money to waste and taking the issue off the table until after the election. Also, most likely they get tax increases. The commission will be under a lot of pressure to produce a consensus product, and in Washington, that rarely means anything but tax increases.

    What did the republicans get for all their moaning and groaning? Some cosmetic spending cuts, which really aren't cuts at all but in fact are "promised" cuts in the anticipated rate of increase. For that, they got to tear their causcus apart, and pit old time logrollers like Boehner and McConnell against the Tea Party new blood. Oh yeah, they get to escape blame for not raising the debt ceiling. So once agian, republicans are the tax collectors for socialist democrats. Well done, guys.

    Winners: Obama, Reid. Obama gets his money and can claim he was able to forge compromise. Reid will be more modest but everyone knows he pulled the republicans pants down and paddled them.

    Bachmann. The fury of the backstabbed Tea Partiers could well fuel her campaign.

    Losers: Boehner. I can't see him holding on to his Speakership, which for these guys is worse than death. Eric Brutus Cantor is waiting in the wings, quietly sharpening his knife, provided the splatter doesn't get on him too.

    The American people. We had a chance to get control of the federal budget but our leaders sold us out. Again.
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    I'm inclined to believe this writeup.

    The cuts are insignificant. There seems to be tax increases and defense cuts. I don't see how the Republicans can claim to have "won".

    And I've certainly had enough of Boehner. Evidently he agreed to fund and preserve Obamacare and that dog don't hunt.
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    "Boner" is the poster boy for what's wrong with the republican party.

  4. You guys didn't really think they'd actually cut anything, did you? Com'on, this is D.C. Think of it this way. Our politicians are kinda' like rapists telling their victims, we're still gonna' stick it in your ass, but last time we checked we were clean for Aids.
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    A very good analogy actually.
  6. Let the revolution begin.
  7. Republicans are going to have to get some leaders. This is so typical of them. They are afraid to stand on their principles. Is it so damn hard to go on Tv and say we are borrowing 40% of every dollar we spend and that cannot continue? Anyone of average intelligence can understand that. Instead, they let the democrats turn it into a finger-pointing contest over who would be responsible for a non-existent default.

    The only thing this deal did was to take the one point of leverage the republicans had and throw it away. A simple three month extension of the debt ceiling would have been far preferable to this. These losers gave the democrats everything they wanted and got nothing in return. Ignore those angry editorials in the NYT, etc. They are designed to give the republican sellouts some cover. "See they are really mad about this, we couldn't have gotten anything else." Dod they think we were all born yesterday?

    It's hard to believe people can be that stupid. At the end of the day, the republicans had a winning hand and tossed it in when Reid bluffed them.

    Now, even as democrats need their votes to get this passed, the democrats are on TV calling the republicans terrorists. Of course, they know that the log rollers like Boehner, McConnell and McCain agree with them. They want this to go away so they can get back to writing earmarks for lobbyists.
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    My friends, what you have seen these past few days is only a prelude of further drama to come. Stay tuned.

    Until we get a balanced budget amendment, the nightmare will continue. You have to make these people behave.

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  10. Aren't there enough tea party members in the House to block this ?If so why is this bill passing :confused:
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