Regulators warn rumor spreading scum to knock it off

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by stock777, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. Just hit the wires.

    So if you're a piece of garbage at a hedge fund, talking your book, you might be spending quality time with Bubbah.

    Oh yeah , you imbeciles that think this rumor thing is BS, lol, you're even more clueless than Hillary.
  2. Speaking of scum, you see those nitwits on CNBS, Fast Money, practically called for LEH to go out of business by tommorow morn, on the secondary offering.

    This before knowing any details.

    This is the kind of imbeciles we have running around.
  3. So, I guess the other thousand of companies subjected to rumors were just cannon fodder. Now, that it threatens the elite, we have a problem.

    And trying to come with a rumor about these guys is like trying to sully Ashley DuPree. She's a whore. She knows she's a whore, is fine with it, we know she's a whore, it was in the papers. So, what are you going to say?

    "Hey, I hear she's a whore."
  4. America bashers like flytiger, fair warning.

    If you are short selling scum floating bogus rumors, I'd have a one way ticket to Nigeria in my back pocket.
  5. Hey morons, I told you the BSC and LEH smacks were a plot by short selling scum.

    It official now. Idiot Gasparinoooo just called it

    Jail time coming.

    And for those that disagreed with the master.

    #$%# you.
  6. You got me wrong. I'm all for America. I want Justice done to those that took it away. You volunteer to serve? I did. Never say I'm an America basher. We'll get along just fine. I like your scruples!
  8. Now we know why they are on TV and not trading.