Regulators Start New Review of Auto-Trading Practices

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    Daniel Hawke, head of the market-abuse unit, said at an event yesterday that the SEC is looking into techniques such as co-location, in which exchanges let traders place computers close to the market’s systems to shave time off executions. He said other practices under examination include the rebates that venues pay to spur transactions, direct market access where brokers let investors send orders to venues themselves, and whether the types of orders exchanges offer are being misused.
  2. finally - only took them 5 years and every local to be wiped out for them to realise hft cheats the system and front runs.

    what a joke organisation.

    the only reason this investigation is taking place now is because the volumes have fallen off a cliff and the reason is hft creates no new volume or liquidity.

    shock fucking horror
  3. How much did you lose?
  4. HFT's gotta go. The market would widen up. Make more dough. But for now Ive adapted to exploiting the bots weaknesses....

    Eventually they strart trading against each other and thats when well see some fun.