Regulators in Russia plan to cap the maximum FX leverage at 1:30

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  1. This reminds of an event almost 10years ago. When the regulator's in the US change d the policy where as retail investors could be short and long on the same pair. FXCM made and attempt to move the accounts to the UK. New polocy was quickly enacted to mandate the the physical location of the trader must alsbe outside of the Continental. History rhymes but does not repeat.
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    ICMarkets in Australia for everyone then, where I've went, 200:1 and can change margin as required on the site pretty much instantly.

    Wasn't 10 years was it when they allowed hedging, 3 or 4 years I'd guess, when my account got moved to FXCM.CO.UK ie UK based, then 9months back when they got rid of the No Dealer Direction and became all in the spread no commision broker, 30:1 margin likely a dead broker sadly already :(
  3. Sounds like Jamais Vu to me.