"Regulations should be kept to a minimum" - Soros

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  2. If the banks are "too big to fail" (and be required to be bailed out by tax payers), they should have conservative limits on the quality of loans they are allowed to make and the amount of leverage..

    If someone thinks they should be allowed to "lever more" and make riskier loans, TOUGH SHIT!
  3. Here's the problem with regulation...

    The body of people who are regulating these increasingly complex markets are C- students from state colleges. Get a fucking clue.
  4. So, who do you trust? Look what self regulation did.

    This is what Wall St. gets for stealing the goldfrom our teeth. Even in the Magnifcent Seven, Eli Wallach left enough food for the people to eat, so they could grow more food for him to steal. WallSt. isn't that smart.

    Obama is going to address settlement. That could do it. He needs to wipe out the DTCC. So, let him do it. And if anybody listens to Soros, they deserve what they get. Ask Hungary.
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    And were off, lets see how wallstreet takes this news. Going to be an interesting afternoon.
  6. No rebuilding is painless. The collapse wasn't either. Let's get on with it.

    Some incarcerations, a little disgorgement.........
  7. No. It's the alumni of financial institutions who got "A" grades from "good" schools who are doing the regulating.
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    regulations makes it harder for crooks to do business on wall street keep it minimum, oh sure.

    how the fuck did madoff and so many hedge get away with a ponzi scheme and these banks sold insurance they can't pay if even 10% file for claim?

    enforcement is what is needed,

    with all these dark and hidden markets need to be banned of public traded stocks. hidden for reason. hidden trades can't be traced.

    front running and insider trading is very lucrative in the forex trading which i believe is not illegal in forex but illegal for stocks.

  9. Chanos on Cnbc, which Byrne calls the "HedgeFund Informercial"

    Everyplace we go, Chanos and Managed Fund association has already been there.

    Here's a guy who's stupid enough to leave an email trail with Bethany McLean of then Fortune telling her what to write, and her replying saying she's sorry the stock isn't down more.

    But he's a guru. So's the three card Monty guy. Always knows where the shell is. What a surprise. Oh, and he says Lawyers make the rules. Wasn't Madoff an advisor to the SEC?

    They've already got it all. They must have gotten an email that Social Securty recipients got 250 bucks last month, and they want that too.

    Oh, and Chanos lost. The Congress knows he and his employers are pariahs.
  10. No, the first guy is correct. - C- students at best, who majored in "looking out the window." they are bureaucrat regulators because they don't have to know anything, or do anything. Ever heard Congresswoman Maxine Waters on TV? I think she sits on House Banking Committee. Do you think she could ever, ever pass a Series 7? End of story.
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