Regulations restrict US clients from using Trading platforms?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Ironplates, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. I asked global futures about trying another FX trading platform because MT4 was not working for me. I was informed that US clients are restricted to MT4 and cannot use other trading platforms....seriously? Is this a joke on me?
  2. WHAT ?
  3. come on?!! like for real there are restrictions for platforms in the US? like seriously? i thought they restricted citizens from trading offshore due to taxes and stuff, but to even restrict the use of other platforem, thats a big outrageous. .i hope its not true
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    That sounds rather strange. Regulations do not restrict you to using one particular platform. Forex brokers use many different platforms, one of which is MT4. In fact FXCM offers 5 different platforms.
  5. check out MB Trading. I had an account with them and no complaints (except the leverage which is out of their control). I think they have a couple of different platforms to choose from.

    What's wrong with MT4? I've been using it for a few years now and have just gotten used to it. I have a futures account that I will use with Ninja starting soon, while still using MT4 for the other accounts.

    The two main advantages to MT4 as I see it, are:
    1) EAs - you can find just about anything
    2) you can get an EA with myfxbook and showcase your performance
    3) It's very lightweight. Ninja is a little bloated.
  6. Global Futures parent ILQ LLC replied back to my inquiry and confirmed with me that was not true.

    Now the credibility of the account manager i am working with is shot.