Regular people are starting to get into the FED thing, sign of the times

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    What's that Cramer likes to say SELL SELL SELL :D

    to be a good investor you gotta keep pulse on the ordinary people as well as market movers, that way you don't get out of touch with reality.

    I keep updated on what people who don't trade/invest think about economy, jobs, banks and so on.

    There has been growing fervor and anger thrown at government and even Federal Reserve which used to be unknown to ordinary citizens.

    This is sign of the times that makes me bearish long term on US.
    Here is perfect example of sentiment out there.

    My letter to the CIA and Homeland Security, we should all be doing this.
  2. in other news:

    Amazing Bloodline - Mitt Romney Is Related To Obama & Bush

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    "I don't really think, I just walk."

    Paris Hilton :p
  4. So? Within 6 degrees of separation, aren't we all related to Kevin Bacon??
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    Tsing Tao

    That post (the one the link refers to) looks like a c-kid letter.