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  1. I have a file with a tons of links of 2 formats as follows:

    A. <a href="" target="_blank">Doggy</a>

    B. <a href="">Catty</a>

    I want to search those links of type B, but don't know how.
    <a href="http.*?"> identifies both A and B as the * searches all the way, but I want the * to last until it encounters "
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  3. <a href="htt[^"][^"]*?"> This does work to nail down the type B links.

    Now, if I wanna add [target="_blank"] to the back of those B links, Find and Replace will simply paste the regex, how should that be done?
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    Depends on the language. With regex you could use parameters to catch the string, if your library supports it. You could also catch the substring index/length and use some Mid function to get the string.

    A very simple solution if you don't want to program it would be to use sed to preprocess. Sed can extract and transform most simple cases.
  5. Right, I didn't know the $1, $2, $3 to represent (group 1) ...
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    Are you just trying to make all the B links have target="_blank" in them like the A links?