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    This is for the people who have spent some time trading in forex. Have you ever regretted your decision of starting business in forex? Does it ever feels like easy money making process and you are sort of addicted to it and can not let go of it?
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    In an interview, a very highly successful trader admitted that he wished he'd never heard of trading!

  3. If you think getting addicted to microlot trading is bad, try futures! At least in forex you can start at a hundredth the exposure of a single futures contract. FX offers many opportunities if you have the right tools (that means a good STP, DMA, NDD broker) know how your chosen pairs are likely to behave and trade without fear. Stick with it for a bit longer, you'll figure it out and survive if you don't get reckless and greedy. PM me if you want advice on any of the above. All the best.
  4. Feels like easy money - Quite often

    Addicted to it - Unfortunately, yes.

    Regret it - No. It keep tabs on my "progress" daily, and despite some spectacular losses, it has always been 3 steps forward and 2 steps backward for me. My overall P/L looks great over four plus years despite the setbacks.
  5. Nothing like some blood, sweat, and tears.

    Like my Dad always said about hard times in life. "Builds Character"

    If you can't picture yourself in the end happy with your work and the fruits of your labor , then find something you truly love to do. If you don't love what you do you won't meet your full potential.

    Everyone gets slammed in the beginning, but there should be progression and if you don't feel you are progressing then you have some choices. If you refuse to quit in the face of adversity until you figure out this game then you might make it. If you are willing to give up then go find something else that you love.
  6. I guess there are people that do regret trading forex but most likely those are the ones that traded money that they needed badly and blew it. I started forex with hotforex as a curiosity. like anyother newbie I went live and i was not ready. I blew an account then. then I gave it some time and tried again and got excited and went for the big kill which ended up blowing my 2nd account hahaha!

    but that was like almost a year ago. but here I am still trading, made up for my loses, taking it easy, and learning not to let trading consuming my time, but there is no regrets and I.m enjoying it realy :)