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    Good morning folks,
    I have two questions:

    A) I need a program that shows and UPDATES a regression line, along with its parallels, as price data flows in.

    I know I can do that in Bloomberg.

    In Bloomberg I can:
    * click under "annotations" (the grey bar on top of a chart);
    * select "regression";
    * click on the chart where I want the regression to start;
    * while keeping the mouse button pressed draw rightward to a point in the future from now (ie to the right of where the last price is shown);

    When I release the mouse button the system shows the regression line and other 4 lines that are +/- 1 / 2 times standard deviation.
    Furthermore the program keeps updating and adjusting the lines as new prices keep flowing in (beautiful stuff).

    do you know other charting software that can do that ? Updates in real time would be ideal but also once per minute would do.

    PS: fyi: Reuters' does not do that. It only draws the regression line but: 1) does not update; 2) does not draw the +/- standard deviation lines. (1) will be available in October in Continental Europe (Icon or E**** is the name of the product with that feature) but (2) will not be available even then.

    B) the charting quality of Bloomberg ranges fom good to excellent, in my view.

    can you recommend any charting software package that is comparable in quality and usefuless to Bloomberg's ?

    Thank you for your help
    all the best