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  1. When this is under the handle what does it mean? There is an asterisk indicating a footnote? Are we not all registered?

  2. TGregg


    Cool, who's registered?
  3. simostrader
  4. TGregg


    Oooo, that is a special group that I never noticed before. It might have been around and I just didn't notice, or it might be new.

    My guess is new.

    I've had a couple little birds land on my window ledge and chirp something about some sort of new user verification process for ET that was being explored. They couldn't tell me much, cuz I was having fried eggs for breakfast and they didn't care for that, so they left.

    Maybe this has something to do with that. Or maybe it's something else entirely. Or maybe it's just a bug.
  5. LOL you have one too :D

  6. Can I have one? I want some status...sKaLpZy or fxskalpzy or whoever he is now, says that I should have

  7. TGregg


    IIRC, really cool titles have really high prices associated with them. So perhaps that implies one can be paid to get really terrible titles. In which case, maybe you can earn a few bucks a year with that title. :)
  8. Joe


    Was originally intended for people that used the system inappropriately and were put on probation. There abilities to send out emails and PM's are taken away and they only have the ability to post on the board. There are only 2 people with this user title. Now you don't see it as often, because we don't do probation anymore.
  9. Oh, I get it. Kind of like registered sex offenders. That makes sense ...:(