Registered sex offender won $14m lottery

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  1. JENSEN BEACH — Life has taken a startling turn for Edward R. Cowal. Florida lottery officials announced Monday that Cowal, who is a state registered sex offender, was the sole winner of the $14 million lottery drawing from Jan. 13.

    Cowal, 47, whose name is on an eight-page record from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, elected to take a lump sum settlement of almost $8 million before taxes. He purchased the tickets at the Cumberland Farms Store at 10975 S. State Road A1A in Jensen Beach.,0,2279039.story?coll=orl-home-headlines
  2. I didn't know Mahram played the lottery.

  3. Mahram is in Canada... he won't be eligible I think. It must be the repugniklan ex-rep foley... :D
  4. Used to live near Jensen Beach...30 years ago.

    It was a nice area - THEN! :(
  5. LOL!
    Christ, is that pedophile still around bragging about his underage girls?! Hopefully some Canadian daddy put him in a coma, eh.
  6. There it is. Proof there is no god???

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    seems to be that evrything happens in freaken Florida...sheeesh.
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    I am sorry, but where is it written that convicted felons can't gamble?

    Here is a more interesting question: Can people in jail buy lottery tickets? If not personally, but by proxy?

    P.S.: I am not against executing child molesters, but for God's sake, let them gamble!
  9. Every dad has the right to protect his sons and daughters from predators.

    I think I read somewhere that the legal age of consensual sex in Canada is 14 years. In that case, will having sex with someone 14 -1/2 years be considered as underage sex and illegal in Canada? I think we cannot impose our morality on Canadians. If they don't want their girls to start screwing around at the ripe young age of 14 with older men, then Canadians should amend their laws.
  10. Well, I guess I need to give mahram a bit more credit then. God Bless him!
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