Registered Rep Fined and Suspended for Misleading Message Board Posts

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    From January 2013 Disciplinary Actions:

    A registered representative settled a matter involving posting comments, which contained unwarranted and misleading statements, on a message board under different author names. The representative sought to procure investment-banking and consulting business from a publicly traded company. During a four day period, he posted 13 comments on a message board for the company under six author names. In the postings, some of which involved purported conversations between his different author names, the representative included unwarranted and misleading statements that embellished the prospects for the publicly traded company and provided the allusion of consensus among different individuals posting on the board.
  2. How long is your suspension?
  3. I'm a Rep, fk them, hate FINRA.
  4. The allusion of consensus. Good enuf for government work, apparently.
  5. Trolling is illegal if you are a holder. Sorry. :D