REGION: Navy SEAL accidentally shoots self in head

Discussion in 'Politics' started by BigCandle, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. This is the dumbing down of America, the smart ones don't want to be killer puppets anymore and call against war like Jessie Ventura, so now they take crap into military.

    SAN DIEGO - A 22-year-old Navy SEAL was gravely wounded early today when he shot himself in the head at his Pacific Beach home while trying to convince a companion that the pistol he was showing off was safe to handle, authorities said.
  2. Weird how years of training to become the ultimate soldier and expert with firearms go's completely out the window when trying to impress a women :(
  3. Cream of the crap. The military finest.
  4. This is a sad one, on a couple of levels. A young man who was disciplined enough to complete SEAL training, yet still able to lose self control via a few drinks or, yes, a woman. I don't think it's a testimonial or a take down to the much bigger percentage of young people who endeavor to succeed in the military. Back in my time, we knew who the out of control guys were, and yet we hoped, that if it came to it, they would handle the stress, and have our back.

    Very sad overall, no matter what.