Regarding the "I'm a Loser" threads

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  1. Jess Livermore also died ruined (he shot himself). Gann also died without a penny.
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  2. buylo


    You sound a lot like Don Leprie or that optionetics guy. No matter what job you take I hope you have dreams of becoming wildly successful, whether it is trading or bagging groceries.

    Seriously, you think this is easy? Trading, if treated like a real job, is another way to pay the bills. If you treat it like gambling thinking, "well it will either go up or down," the results are obvious. You really think I would waste precious time and stomach ulcers on flipping a frickin' coin?? Puulllleeaaasee!

    You can't handle the truth! We use words like patience, discipline, and profits. You use them as a punchline! Either way I don't give a damn what you think you are entitled to.

    But, if you are diligent in your research and continuously work on your discipline, then trading can be an extremely rewarding career.

    "The glass I drink from may not be large, but at least it is my own."
    --- some guy I can't remember

    Now get back to your cubicle and get those reports done!!
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