Regarding the Existence or Absence of God

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rs7, Aug 29, 2002.

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  1. rs7


    A Mind is a Terrible Thing!

    Trading can cause brain damage! Witness:

    Here is FPC last March:

    Here is FPC now.

  2. Totally offensive. Who is this Faster(unmentionable)cat person anyway?

    He should spend more time in his place of worship and less time with you ET misfit hooligans. It is a shameful thing to see someone lower themselves to such depths of depravity.

    Look, I know of what I speak. My fine young boy, MrSubliminal, was incarcerated on a morals charge as you all know. This is no laughing matter. Why do you young men find humor in the gutter?

    MrSubs' Mom
  3. i thought u were retiring from posting useless threads rs7.

    :D :D :D :D :D :D
  4. rs7


    OK, I broke a promise. Who hasn't?:) But I also promised FPC that I would continue to make fun of him. So I was torn between two promises.

    Believe me, I agonized over this decision for many nanoseconds.

  5. Interesting statement he made in March.

    Animals are not altruistic because their genes love morality, they display altruistic behavior because it is part of a strategy that lets their genes survive and reproduce. You just have to keep in mind that the players in the game of life are not individuals, but genes. We are merely vehicles, slaves, machines, mechanisms for the genes we carry to destroy competing genes and further their own reproductive success. If that involves sacrificing an individual's body ("life") so that 5 others that carry his genes can survive, then naturally this will be the behavior programmed into the chimp's brain.

    It's no different with humans. If you doubt it, just watch Jerry Springer or Judge Joe Brown or something: The first priority is furthering the life of one's offspring, the second priority is producing offspring. Everything else is irrelevant to the average human or animal.

    The ones that recognize this vicious cycle and rebel against their genes may lead happy lives, but their genes will vanish without a trace, whereas trailer park trash will prosper and flood the planet. They are the machines that are not "broken". They are superior in maximizing their genes' reproductive success.


    i thought we had an understanding???!!
  7. rs7


    Uh oh, I gotta get my reading glasses back from the shop. I just KNOW this is gonna get a less than brief response from Darkhorse:)


  8. And another thing--

    I don't see any logical inconsistency if that is what you are suggesting??!!:confused:
  9. rs7


    Nope, you are 100% correct. I guess I got a little delirious. It was ME that had my mind adversely affected by trading. Sorry for the mixup!!


  10. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?????:confused:
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