Regarding the Existence or Absence of God II

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gordon Gekko, Oct 19, 2002.

  1. was jesus black or white
  2. nitro



  3. I predict this thread will only take one page.
  4. i freakin hope so
  5. Gordon G + Nitro quote ''What color is Jesus''?

    High probability he looks like he lives in Argentina,since He is Jewish. Since every Hebrew -Christian is actually part of Jesus Christ; He is also white and black and red [read]all over like a book.:cool:

    RS7 quote ''blind faith''???????????????????????????????????
    RS7 ,hey buddy where did you get that quote from- the lame brain liberal Washington Post???????????????????????????
    Some people can't see Jesus like a crook can't find a cop.

    RS7 ,In fairness the Washington Post seems after all these years to stop hating orthodox Hebrew- Christian and some Rabbies.They finally stopped ignoring or mocking them;too BIG of a trend!

    Search ''Rabbi'' and Christian'' on washingtonpost .com:cool:

    I just heard on the radio[last friday 10/18/02] that Holy Bible Rabbi[teacher] was teaching on the book of Daniel chapter 3.''The bonds dropped'' for those 3 Hebrew boys.
    Couldnt resist that play on words as a stock trader.:cool: ''the bonds dropped''.
  6. hehe..i just needed something to spark discussion.

    say something, thunderbolt.
  7. gekko, of course the true answer is that, since he never even as existed as a man, the question is meaningless. i'm surprised that as a thinking man you have let this quite obvious fact - to he who bothers to look - escape you.

    now, the jesus the mythical figure, well, it appears he was white.
  8. uh oh, aph.
  9. dan,

    i won't let you down, dude. i asked the question STRICTLY to get this thread going (as a joke). i didn't really care about an answer. you know we're on the same page.
  10. This thread just reminded me of a funny joke I heard at the bar the other day.

    Go up to someone and ask, "What do you call a black man that is flying a 747?"

    When they say, "I don't know," then you tell them, "A pilot! What are you a f***ing racist?!"
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