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    I'm rather shocked I didn't see a debate thread in this forum (or maybe there is, I just have a few tinkerbells on ignore). What did you guys think of the debate? I'll tell you what I liked - they didn't get into a pissing match and start calling each other out. They recognize that they all are working towards the same goal - getting rid of Oblame-a.

    Romney - looked pretty sharp.
    Cain - Out of his league, unfortunately. I like his succinct answers.
    Ron Paul - my personal favorite, but unfortunately lacks the ability to convey himself and his thoughts in a coherent, dumbed down, joe-the-plumber manner. He has the best solutions, but cannot get away from coming off like a crazy ol' coot.
    Pawlenty - Some interesting ideas, but cannot stop talking about himself.
    Bachmann - surprised me. Good answers, sometimes the failure to simply answer the question was annoying, but held to her principles.
    Newt - Not a lot of Newt action, but was very supportive of his fellow candidates and his deep knowledge of history and the constitution was obvious. Too bad about that baggage.
    Santorum - Nah.

    I'm sure the flaming will start momentarily on something I said. These are just my perceptions based on last night in a vacuum.
  2. If Paul gets the nomination he gets my vote.If Paul doesn't get the nomination Obama is likely to get my vote
  3. i didnt watch but let me guess. obama is evil,cut taxes, some god, maybe some guns, eliminate all regulation of business,cut taxes and did i mention cut taxes.
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    Well that makes sense. Considering Paul and Odumbo are polar opposites.
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    Exactly! LOL. I love these guys who show absolutely no consistency what so ever. In fact, I would argue that everyone on that stage but Paul was similar to Obama if one voted for Obama, Ron Paul is the last guy they would support, assuming you agree with Obama's policies as they are now.
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    Yeah, it's pretty obvious you didn't watch. But judging by your posts here, it's quote obvious you don't pay much attention to political issues in general. LOL.
  7. other than for entertainment value why would i waste my time watching a republican debate this early? you pretty much know what they will say.
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    I saw the debate and was actually pretty disappointed. I really don't like how the candidates almost across the board, including Ron Paul btw, ducked questions and instead of answering the question asked, answered questions they want to answer. I've notice this trend the last 3 years on these debates. Someone out there must be coaching this technique. It's really annoying and destroys the credibility of the debate. It essentially allows candidates to prepare rehearsed speeches they can give regardless of the question asked. I expect to see this technique in all the debates now including the presidential debates.

    Overall, Romney probably won the debate, but only because the guy played not to lose. I think he was expecting the others to be more extreme, which they weren't so the guy played very cautious and close to the vest.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, this race is Jon Huntsman's to lose when he gets in. The door is open really wide for someone to actually come in and take charge. Perry is probably likely to enter as well.
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    Because as a voter, you have a responsibility to educate yourself on the candidates and the issues. Even if you have no desire to vote for them. But don't worry Vhehn, like most Americans, apathy is much easier.
  10. Yeah, I don't think the actual candidate was in the line up last night.
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