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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Covertibility, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. I'm submitting a few posts on this site to the police and wonder if I can get past inbox messages.
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    Let me see if I am reading this right. You are saying: "I am trying to rat on fellow ETers, but I need help."

    Did I get your question correctly? By the way the police are busy dinning pedophiles, they don't have time for important messageboards like this....
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    you mean get your own messages or somebody else's messages?
  4. Isn't stalking a crime? Are you involved? Would your employer be concerned regarding your activities? Unless your the owner of the site, why would you even be responding to this thread?
  5. I mean the messages that i've received in my inbox from another user. I don't have them in my box right now but there is one that was a little disturbing regarding the date.
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    Oh, cyberstalking!! Now that IS a crime! I thought you might be refering to cheating on taxes, drugtrafficking, terrorist plots or something...

    By the way you asked a question on an open forum. Thus anybody can respond on topic. I like to understand people's thoughtprocess, if you wanna know.

    I wonder, what are you expecting from the police? They should go out and put cuffs on the guy? Or you want Baron to ban the guy? Then you don't need the police.

    Maybe your stalker is from Katmandu. I bet cyberstalking is not a crime in Katmandu, but I could be wrong on that one.

    If you ask me, I find it rather childish grownups complaining about stalkers on an open forum. Just put the sucker on ignore...
  8. I see the word was in your quote.

    Sounds like you are asking Baron if he can access or how you can access past Inbox messages that you've deleted but now want one particular message to be restored so that you can download/print for documentation you plan on giving to the police.

    If that's the probably should have contacted Baron privately to discuss this especially if your trying to gather evidence and don't want the problem poster to know about what you plan on doing.

    Simply, now that you've started an open public thread about such...the person your talking about has now been alerted...

    You no longer have the element of surprise.

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    If you deleted a past PM from your inbox, then it is most likely gone for good.
  10. For someone who doesn't know what I possess you seem to be pretty vocal about the subject. Stalking is a crime and who knows if this has gone on before with the individual, but everyone will find out. Lawyers are such nice people.
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