Regarding Iraqi Prisoners' Deaths

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TradeOff, May 6, 2004.

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    You know, I'm glad this forum is here, to allow me to vent the hostility, frustration and anger I feel towards those people who are making such a big deal out of these prisoners' "abuse" and, now, deaths.

    Here's my bitch...

    FIRST OF ALL... our men and women are going over to IRAQ to make the place better for Iraqis.

    Yet these... filthy good for nothing beasts (Iraqis)... RESIST our good intentions, take up arms against us and KILL, WOUND AND MAIM our troops and never stop!

    So... extremist nations who produce and side with terrorists, the kind that came over into our peaceful nation and destroyed thousands of lives on 9/11, are now getting in our face because some of their precious own get ABUSED??????????

    WHAT EVER HAPPENED to ALL THE DEATH, SUFFERING AND ABUSE we endured on 9/11 in NY???????

    YET the world is condemning what is going on with these CREEPS who are responsible for upholding the principle of all Americans suffering!

    I would LOVE to take just ONE of those complainers and put them inside the Twin Towers on 9/11 just to have them try to ENDURE what our own people went through by the THOUSANDS.

    Let me tell you something else... If *I* had my way with those Iraqi &%%#$@#@s, what I would do to them - every one that did not salute the American flag in passing - would make what Saddam Hussein did to them seem like getting a massage in a massage parlor.

    I used to be down on Bush for going to war in Iraq, now I think he is wrong for wanting to even give these IDIOTS a better life and nation!

    That our men and women who did this "abuse" now how to be tried for it and brought to "justice"???? It is just TOO much to bare.

    They should be brought home and honored as war heros!

    We should pull out of Iraq 100% - then, if they give us or our allies any grief in the future, BOMB them (Iraqi scum) and war with them, kill, wound and maim as many as we could for short periods of time, then back out again... until next time.


    Thanks for reading this angry post.

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