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  1. Starts monday with 250 stocks.
  2. I thought all stocks went live Monday? We probably won't see much difference as everything has really already been reg nms compliant lately (order sweeps, etc)...

  3. Agreed.
  4. Kutty


    how can i buy puts on that stray svenven?
  5. Yea, just more trade thrus and volatility starting monday. Nothing new.
  6. As "Listed-Guru" stated above, most brokers (and market centers ) have been NMS compliant for awhile now.
  7. Yeah I thought reg nms meant no more trade throughs :)
  8. Market centers have been but brokers have not been with using ISO order types.

  9. Anyone noticing anything different this morning on the reg nms stocks? Looks pretty much the same to me....

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