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  1. Does anyone have any experience with refurbished pc's from

  2. No, but when you can buy a decent trading computer for $450 from Dell why bother? How good is the warranty on this thing? 1 year min should be the case, unless rock bottom price. Will they take it back within 30 days if its a POS? That's what I would be asking myself.
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    I would stay away from refurb at tiger, unless you don't mind sending things back a few times. Been there done that. Look on the outlet page for Circuit City, they even ship for almost nothing.
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  4. I have experienced exceptional values buying Dell refurbished equipment. If you don't mind owning Dell, I would recommend configuring a computer on their website and then comparing it to what is available at their outlet. Be advised that available supply updates regularly and it pay's to monitor for a period of time until you locate a configuration that meets your specifications. As in trading, wait for the appropriate entry point.

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  5. They usually come with 1 year warranty. Suggest you look for one with rebate (bigger the better)... write if off, pocket the rebate... computer is practically free.
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    Make sure anything you buy today has at 2 gig of mem. Vista needs it and a 256 graphics card is really needed.
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  7. 1G if Windows XP... recommended, of course.
  8. For what its worth, there isnt really too much of an issue buying refurb , if you do just chnage the hard drive and the fans..always get NEW drives... but CPUs once they work.. they rarely fail, as such you can save huge amounts of money by using this route

    e.g. I build my own systems or buy refurb shells.. I buy my CPU always as seconds at around half price and I will search around for X-Demo units with monitors.

    Hope thats helpful
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    I purchased a refurbished emachine from them awhile back and it didn't last very long.

    I would try and stay away from refurbished products unless maybe its a Dell or an HP computer. They usually have some kind of a decent warranty.
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    post the link to the deal. tiger is ok,if everything works right out of the box, but if there any problems with machine-you are in trouble. CS really sucks,all returns they do on their own descretion,read policy carefully.
    the reason i ask for link is because there may be number of things, that you better avoid. number of RAM slots,integrated components(read-not upgraidable in future) stuff like that.
    personally-i would build it from scratch. it's fun and great inexpensive expirience.
    something with 2 GB ram,cheap video card and AMD athlon 64X2 will cost you less than 300$. and it's brand new,from components your personally pick.put some free linux distro (or get XP from P2P) and you ready to go. they so cheap today,that upgrade old one is not worth it :D
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