Reformating your hard disk many times, harm your system?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Nana Trader, Nov 22, 2003.

  1. I have noticed every several monthes my System gets
    slower due to installing and unstalling many softwares.

    I want to know if reformating your hard disk, and reinstalling
    window XP from new every 3-5monthes, does it shorten your
    hard disk life or possible crash of your system in future?
  2. every few months,why? ...just clean it out
  3. Try defraging the drive instead. But, to answer the question, multiple reformats shouldn't hurt the drive more than any normal read/write access (as that is all it is doing).
  4. Do you mean to trash my PC and buy new one?
    well, this is not an old PC, bought it last year.
  5. of course not .. i mean learn proper maintenance! you wouldn't think of never changing your car's oil would you? i think you have some sticky valves fella..:eek:
  6. I tought of that, but it is removing and installing
    (kind of processing) large data at short period of
    time, doesn't this kind of pressure put strain on
    your CPU?
  7. H2O


    Try defragmentation....

    Goto windows Explorer, My Computer, right click on the disk you want to defragment, click properties, click extra, click defragmentation.

    This will be like cleaning you desk. Really improves performance.

    Hope this helps

    edit : Just saw your last post, you should do this after market close and you need to do this only once a month or so. It will cost some CPU but only during the process.
  8. geesus christ what planet did you say you are from.. :eek:
  9. Instead of being a babbling monkey, can you just say:":p

    -Reformating your hard disk many times, harm your system?

    Answer one: Yes
    Answer Two: No

    Btw i hope some day, Baron removes all these non-sense
    most active post rate ranking from ET. " AMEN:D
  10. Reformatting the disk will do no physical damage.

    A reformat will allow a clean slate, and most recent updates of drivers.

    If you bought a name brand PC like Dell, HP, Sony, etc., they load all kinds of shit that you would be better off without.

    If you have problems which may also be based in hardware, reformatting and starting over is the best way to find out if you have hardware or software problems.
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