Reform of the International Monetary System

Discussion in 'Economics' started by cgtrader, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. November 3-4, 2011 G-20 Summit Cannes, France

    There will be major changes to the IMS, which is not surprising considering the entire system is corrupted and bankrupt.

    Has this caught any other eyeballs?

    Possible INTOR world currency introduction by Robert Mundell.

    Likely that the financial elite will go for all the marbles with their new system that you haven't heard a whisper about in the media.
  2. Texas


    To have world currency first they must crash the US dollar.

    First they will collapse the system and then say "oh look it just so happens we have a solution, a new currency that is good and stable"

    Only, I don't think things are gonna go according to plan, more and more people are on to them.
  3. It will be interesting how the masters will design the new rules of the game.