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  1. alliteration trading systems work fine, until one onomatopeia occurs and totally fucks you up. That's why all I trade is hyperbole and metaphors. True, the profit potential is not as great, but if you can endure all the sarcasim, the results tend to be a lot less ironic.
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  2. Cut your big loser
    Add more to your big winner
    Add to your loser

    (that's a haiku system I'm working on)
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  3. I would add palaeoanthropology, palaetiology, pallasethesia, and parousiamania to the list.
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  4. A particularly provocative piece of pretentiousness.
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  5. Lornz


    Awesome alliteration! Admirably accommodating acquaintances (with) attained apprehension and alleviating (their) anxiety, as apotropaic alchemy attunes all arbitrageurs.

    Absolutely an appreciable act, and an augury!
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  6. Pick a platform to professionally prepare perfect pivots with parameters, possibilities and percentages, then put positive personality, proprietary perspective and proportional pattern into physical process.
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  7. Primitive programming or pathetic prevalence/ persistence produces poor performance.
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  8. Postao


    U again... Lol
    Now I'm certain you work for the markets...
    Enticing new money into a dying regime...

    Listen here boys n girls
    The stock market is more crooked then odd's nose

    If its secrets your after it won't be found..
    And can never be deciphered...

    All it takes is one check of a box
    And you will lose

    Im sure the odd one can
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  9. I would have to accept your Prejudgement above, which fortunately is Perceptively correct.

    Alternatively, you may Provocatively say the markets work for me ... :D

    Just a joke!!!
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  10. Buy low sell high.
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