Refilling laser toner cartridges?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by bungrider, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. Anyone doing this?

    I started looking for a replacement cartridge online for my laser printer, and saw some refill kits - of course, the websites claim it's easy to do, but I truly doubt it, so i'm wondering if anyone's tried it and if it does actually work, since it's dirt cheap compared to even buying recycled toner cartridges...

    thanks in advance,
  2. nkhoi


    not worth it, I try but if you buy at staples or office depot you can return it.
  3. word. thx for the advice.
  4. I refill an old epson Action Laser 1000 and it has worked very well and has been very easy. I have done it for a few years now. I had two original cartriges and have refilled each a couple times. It saves a TON of money. I got the toner off e-bay for something like $10 per refill, and the new cartidges at staples are like $189.

    I highly recommend it, but maybe I have been lucky.
  5. I also have a Canon s9000 inkjet that I bought recently, and I bought refill ink for it also. I have refilled the black once and it seems to work ok so far, but it is too soon to tell if it will work long term without wrecking cartidges or printheads. It is a little bit trickier, but still not too bad. IF it works, I figured that the amount of ink I bought for around 50 bucks should last the equivalent of several hundred cartidges.

    I googled my printer model and "refill" and got some good tips for refilling from the newsgroups. You probably have done that already though...
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    I have a NEC SuperScript 870 laser printer. I, too, was angered by the outrageous prices for toner cartriges, and that fact that at the consumer level you are expected to replace the cartridge; not just refill it, like a photocopier.

    I learned there were/are only three, maybe four, purveyors of just toner powder. At the outset I had misgivings because an inferior product can muck up your printer; but I have been very satisfied with my purchase from Refilling indeed is simple, and I've had no problems with the toner. I recommend them. I have no financial ties with them.

    Parenthetically, the latest (May) issue of Consumer Reports has reports on printer inks and ink-jet printers.