REFI Rate of 4.875%

Discussion in 'Economics' started by dougcs, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. I checked BoA for refi rates in my state (TX) and it has dropped to 4.875%!!! -5.08 APR with points included.
    First time I ever saw under 5%.

  2. Here in Raleigh, a builder was offering a thirty year fixed rate mortgage of 4.75% in Saturdays paper.
  3. Geez, in 2004 I took out a 15 yr at 4.75%. They still haven't gotten that low again here. Maybe after today they'll bring them down some more, but so far lowest I've seen locally is 4.875 for a 15yr. I'd like to swing getting a 7-9 yr at 4.25 or less. :))
  4. I was thinking the same thing. We're more than half-way through a 15 year. Thing is, most of the payment is principle at this point I think.
  5. Make extra principal payments. I did that and paid for my first house in 6 years and then my second one in 6 years.