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  1. Hello, I am a professional advisor (RIA) and I need assistance (seeking a specialized IT consultant) with troubleshooting Tradestation on my system. I am a long time user of IB, however I have recently added TS as well. I have a top flight hardware set up, however TS freezes roughly 1/3 of the times I place trades (typically fast markets). After many many hours with the TS support team I am still without a reliable execution process. I have scanned many message boards and tried recommended solutions but am ready to hire someone to get it right for me. I am in downtown L.A. any result garnering assistance would be greatly appreciated and compensated accordingly. Thank you so much!
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    Does it have to connect to Tradestation?
  3. Thank you for your reply Robert. I am not married to Tradestation other than the investment in time moving AUM there which took over a month prior to starting trading. Since the freezes I've been looking at other trading platforms including lightspeed. I will move if this issue isnt resolved this week. I only selected Tradestation because I had extensive trading experience with it years back. I also have enjoyed using RediPlus when it was with Goldman Sachs and am looking into trading firms which offer that platform today. Had a tech go through my PC today and he will sit with me through the market tomorrow to examine error logs and try to diagnose and fix should the freezes occur again.
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    Happy to talk anytime. Can't hurt. Just send me your contact information and a good time to talk and we can go over our offering to see if we are a good fit.