Referencing Quote Changes/Ticks

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by NYOBScalper, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. I need to reference every single quote change and tick at every single level in the book in every ECN book, as well as the NYOB for the entire duration of the trading day every single stock, in real time. I know other people out there have their computers doing this, and I want my computer to take their money because I can readily recognize their algorithms and front-run them, etc. I also am aware that there is no market to sell software with the features I listed; however, there has to be a real world means of me transcribing my (seemingly) complicated ideas for trading systems which require instant reactions to quote changes and prints as well as a memory for what happened in the day into profitable systems without personally paying a programmer for the development of such a platform. Certain setups which many daytraders might tell you require human judgement can be described in enough detail by someone like me who knows what he's talking about, provided the computer can listen. I'm curious as to what's out there. Feel free to PM me if you know something you don't want to make public.
  2. People who have never designed and implemented Algo Systems...
    Can often "recognize their algorithms and front-run them".

    If ya sweet talk a good computer... it will listen.
    Ya might even get laid.

    Thou art truly the master of the WTF post.