RefcpFX bankruptcy

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  1. dankilbur


    Looking for the straight word on what is going on with this? i.e.
    When did the problem develop?
    Current status?
    Recourse for holders of S&P Managed Futures? (like me)

    Appreciate any info and referrals to sources of info.


  2. If you have the time I would do a search "refcofx" on this site and you will find what you are looking for, except for maybe the "Recourse for holders of S&P Managed Futures?" part. But briefly:

    Q: When did it start?
    A: Early October 2005

    Q: Current status?
    A: Not looking good for RefcoFX account holders. FXCM has pulled out of their effort to rescue the accounts.
  3. ScapGF


    Did I read somewhere that a group of account holders formed some group on Yahoo or something like that? If so, anyone have a link?

    Secondly, what is the next date on the calendar of the ongoing saga?
  4. here is the link..

    it's a little difficult to read,, but tons of info. there
  5. ScapGF