RefcoPro Automation API

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by SmoothTraderFX, Sep 30, 2005.

  1. Unfortunately, currently, there is no API available for RefcoPro such as XTraderAPI.
    API ehhancement is not just robot trading but also useful for basket-order. on-cancel-the-other order etc.

    RefcoPro is developed on some COM component that we can explore. In a sense this is the API.
    EasyRouterCOMClient.dll in the application folder is the one.

    [ 2005- ObjectBrowser looking at EasyRouterCOMClientLibraliy ]

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    After a quite research, I see a possiblity to access this API from the outside application while the Refco-Pro is running using a technique below.
    Automating Windows Applications

    Of course, there is no support from the vendor, and it's pretty much irregular aproarch, but I just feel it's not very hard to do than I thought at the begining. There may be an issue that Refco Trading software agreement.

    So far, I developed some software employing GUI-auto-mouse-clicking solution, which works ok and with no problem.

    Just my thought. Forget.