RefcoFX Canada Funds Are Now Frozen

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by ZoneTrooper, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. Just went to and clicked on chat.

    Hmm. Chat no longer works, and they are now getting the same messages as us US folks are getting.

    I guess going to Canada and getting that CIPF insurance doesn't get you any better service.

    Our Canadian brothers have joined the rest of us in loosing our money.

    Trade FOREX, loose on the spread, loose in the market, loose when the company just doesn't want to pay you back what you haven't lost already.


    I'm such a looser.
  2. LOSER....

    los·er ( P ) Pronunciation Key (lzr)

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    One who takes loss in a specified way: a graceful loser; a poor loser.

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  3. CIPF will help Canadians even if Refco Canada is bankrupt. In fact that's the whole point of the insurance is to protect the customer in the event of bankruptcy of a member firm.
  4. :eek: :eek: :confused: :confused: :confused:


    I'm sorry. RefcoFX Canada is an exception.

    Those customers still can withdrawal.

    I just saw the standard, we and you are all domed message, and didn't read the whole thing.

    :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:


    Mea Culpa
  5. interesting. on another thread you said this: "Now if I just didn't get REFCOed this year, I would have had a 120% gain.

    And my trades are consistent. Very few losses... Though my account statement takes about a ream of paper to print out. Hate killing all those trees, but I need hard copy for tax purposes.

    Do you do as well in your trading???.

    Not bad for a fanatic."

    now you say you are a loser. which is it?
  6. Well.

    Gee, I sent in money to REFCOFX, been trading with them for a few years. Made what I thought was a huge gained. Only to just have the carpet ripped from right under me. Since now Refco claims that I lent them that money, that I "thought" I was putting on deposit for trading.

    I'm a looser because I chose a US based firmed, when if I chose a Canadian based firm, or any other firm, I would have had a 120% return.

    Ya, I'll get it all back eventually.

    But starting over is no fun at all.:eek: :eek:
  7. Surprise


    What happened to Refco canada clients funds ? Did they get there money back ?
  8. Yes look up CIPF it provides protection to all including forex in Canada.
  9. Gcapman


    Too bad there is nothing similar for US nor UK FX Brokers...

    As far as I know that only broker that has any type of bankruptcy-insurance is Deutsche Bank...

    My broker is FXCM and I know that they have tons of capital but I still sometimes think that the broker might go under...
  10. Surprise


    There is some protection in the UK

    Oanda is now registered in Canada and will open an office there soon
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