Refco Xpress 6.2 by volatile market

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by milstar, Sep 5, 2005.

  1. milstar



    Author tested more as 10 platform's. By
    offered 30-day free from charge real quote/but FIFO not incorporated/ paper money simulator.

    Independ from volatility limit order can be sended without problem as best price for bid and ask fixed .

    Depth of the market for CME e-mini's and currency FX

    Author impression it it better as SR,TM,Ninja,CQG &

    Author would very pleased for critical opinion .
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    forget it.

    people here want an unreliable, complex platform like tws because everyone else uses it so it must be the best.

    i have used xpress for a year. never had an issue other than not being able to log in twice for 20 min. never fell down. fills always bang on. no complaints at all.

    its only downfall is perhaps its look & feel as people want ladders/ pro looking platform in which case refco pro would be better.

    again, ive never had an issue with pro, but others here have.
  3. milstar



    Author not tested to date x-trader .Some of company offer this ,but after registration
    display stated side is not exist .

    1. Any comparsion of X-trader with Refco Xpress 6.2 would appreciated ...

    2. Any suggest to company ,which offer X-trader for 14-30 days test would appreciated .

    Yours respectfully milstar