Refco Working to fix the problems

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by andypriston, Jul 22, 2005.

  1. It seems like everyones moaning has paid off.

    At the end of the day nobody wants to leave Refco. After all this is the company I have grown and evolved with, all my friends trade here. It is also the biggest and most successful trading group, which is of course is due to the traders they have attracted.

    All we want is a good service. And now it appears this is starting to happen. I have been told that the IT guys are working hard to stop these shocking freezes which have over the last 3 days been as long as 20 minutes.

    If this is fixed then I believe that Refco Pro will be a GOOD PLATFORM.
    After all there are many benefits like for example it being an in-house product allowing our IT guys to adapt the system to how we want it and I also like the way you can merge the markets together allowing you to clearly view spreads.

    Also at the end of the day it is worth remembering that its not the system that makes a good trader its the trader themself.
  2. Do you mean it's all talent rather than education?
  3. Did they threaten to sue you or something? This does not sound like the same person of a few days back. (maybe its not).
  4. At the end of the day all I want along with every other trader here is action. Not Bull shit.

    If by writing on here this happens then that is great.

    Things are now moving in the right direction, so as I said Fair is fair.

    However if this is not fixed then I will write again.
  5. tbomb


    they're doing a great job!

    couple of bridges here in the city for interested?
  6. Well stated. I can see the intangibles of staying with refco[in your position].
  7. obviously you are talking about the london branch, chicago is still quite a septic tank, I can tell you first hand that everyone DOES want to/already had left the chicago office..most of all their big people have in fact left and the couple that are still there are preparing to leave, and they havent seen the black in quite a while...