Refco Vs TT ????

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Dogfish, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. Dogfish


    What will happen to this case, I'm sure TT were maxed out short on the refco stock trying to take it under. Will this case just evaporate leading to industry wide TT charging on round trips? Brumsfeld must be doing cartwheels, he looked finished a few weeks ago and now this happens...

    Wasn't there some other heavyweight broker booked for a few rounds with him?
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  4. cresta


    if tt are doing cartwheels ,then i think they are a little premature as technology is coming down the road that will render most of tt functionality obsolete...........what they have is market share & that is their only real asset.
    mind you i think mr brumfield is well aware of that...
  5. Cresta,
    what technology are you thinking of?
  6. cresta

    cresta the exchange level whereby price delivery becomes more efficient & throughput capacity increases tenfold.

    at isv level as level two implied pricing and spread functionality becomes more common.

    breadth of contract ranges offered increases dramatically as do x exchange trades .

    these factors reduce usefulness of TT advantages of ladders and market depth etc

    hopefully advantage will go to those who provide speed and efficiency not providers with the most adversarial lawyers.

  7. I agree. There are already front end platforms that can calculate and execute on implied in, implied out and implied on implied pricing opportunities at speeds TT can currently only dream of
  8. I think Rosenthal Collins is suing TT not Refco.