Refco: Victor Niederhoffer denies taking it down!

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by just21, Oct 21, 2005.

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  2. This is one reason why folks like to use T.A.

    This is really old news , though a reminder now and then couldn't hurt.
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    So why would Refco let Niedehoffer off his debts? Why didn't they bankrupt him? He changed brokers so they were not going to get any more commissions from him.
  5. listen up, wannabes and pups, here's a lesson in life you did not learn at that country club where you got your degree or most anywhere else for that matter. It has to be beaten into you:

    the more criticism you get, the likelier you're on the right track and making a difference.

    the more people accuse you and try to make a fool of you, the more likely that you are doing the right thing.

    as someone once said, "it's OK to be hated, as long as you're hated by the right people."

    Apart from the fact that I think he lifted his blog's name from mine ( {Speculations}, which has been around for 3 years or so), Vic Niederhoffer has shown himself to be a decent human being who's taken his lumps and bounced back. Definitely the converse of the Two Bit Hood that Ran Refco Into The Ground and Took all it's Shareholders With It.

    Imagine pointing the finger at anyone else besides the CEO and his accomplices. What f*cking utter nonsense.
  6. Makes me think of Tom "Delay." :D
  7. you watch too much TV. :D
  8. anyway his blog has been around since 2000, mine since 2002. the proximity of the names appears to be...coincidental!
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    Speaking of Tom Delay: Anyone that walks around with such a stupid forced smile on his face surely is guilty of many wrongdoings....:D

    Bush is right, this is background noise,...HA, His whole administration is noise, useless short term fixes for long term problems. The cows are starting to come home though.
  10. Or a surgically implanted b**t plug
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