Refco "spots"

Discussion in 'Forex' started by toby400, Nov 1, 2003.

  1. toby400


    Anyone in the US trade these:

    What are the pro's and cons'. of the product for a trader relatively new to forex?
  2. Quah


    "I wish to win...."

    LMAO. OMG, do people actually put their money into crap like this? Unbelievable.

  3. why is it crap? isn't they are part of refcoFX nad FXCM?
  4. Remiraz


    IMHO its a perverted version of Options which is closer to gambling than trading.
  5. I like Refco, but I don't like this business.
    Certainly, they have an advantage to set the option price against the clients. I simply cannot believe they give me the fair price, blindly.
    If I go for currency option trading, I would chose CME.
  6. corvus


    Yes, they could certainly market it better.
  7. jsor


    Saxobank will give you a two-way quote for options. Most pairs have a spread of 10 pips. I believe that is a lot better than Refco.
  8. rezo_s


    I work with refco on what they call "traditional" :confused: spot forex. Indeed this is their way to offer options trading, but I would recommend for this kind of trading - same + more options for trading + better customer seivice. I didnt recieve good support for refcospot; dont know why they did it like this: I requested information 3 times, and 3 times recieved wrong information, untill at last I told them they can not bother nay more, and told them I dont wish to work with them in this sector. This is a good alternative/addition to forex trading, but betonmarkets is the one to choose. I didnt use them live as well, so if there is someone with live account experience, s/he is wellcome to post. Betonmarkets call it what it really is, and give as I said more "options" for trading. But for those who want to trade fx options, there is saxo and cmc as far as I know. I sugest reading this article about fx options - for beginners, it may open some eyes:

  9. wow. looks like a lottery ticket. 'speculation for dummies,' maybe.

    that's what it looks like. Is it cost effective? If so, maybe a great vehicle.