REFCO Rocks The ForEx

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Is the REFCO collapse going to rock the financial markets?

  1. No.

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  2. Yes.

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  3. Who's REFCO?

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  4. YES! Armageddon is upon us! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!

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  1. Is the REFCO collapse going to rock the financial markets, even the ForEx?
  2. not FX thats for sure, way too small player in that market
  3. well, yeah, but they're saying that a lot of hedge funds (that I presume have positions in the forex) are locked as far as trading capital is concerned.

    If so, could that not screw up parity rates in the ForEx if the liquidity (freeze) is deep enough?

    also, aren't big banks embedded with Refco? I read that 50% of the $1t that HFs manage is actually loans from big banks.

    I mean, $1/2t would have some impact and effect I would think, if its movement and market positions are being tampered with by regulators.

    they said something about being a singing canary in the mine.

    you gotta watch out for the Black Crows and Singing Canaries....
  4. regulators asking goldman to bail them out now, maybe they'll pull another long term capital trade, take a look at the books f..k everybody and say no thankx
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    any innformation on clients holding money in refco fx llc is the money at risk and is refco fx llc regulated
  6. No knowledge of funds...but they are UNregulated!
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    if you go to refco,com and visit news they say it is registered
  8. Are you talking about Refco?... Or RefcoFX they are two different entities...
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    refco fx
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    go to there website refco .com and press tab for news
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