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  1. Choad


    No big deal.

    It was a "loan"! :p
  2. what's $430,000,000.00 between friends?
  3. anyone trading rfx on IB

    news states stock has been halted.
    I have not received an IB notice stating the stock has been halted.

    Anyone receive an notice of the halt?

    I can see the bid/ask quotes change on tws.
  4. Xenia


    Halted on NYSE, maybe you look at SMART quotes (instead of NYSE) ?

    Hmm... Why should they send a notice ?
  5. its halted....last trade 16.75 @ 9.:28:04......
  6. I am not sure if it is the law that they give us notice or not but in the past IB has given notice and you receive a red line though the symbol line on tws. It did not happen this time and the bid /ask offers changes although only by pennies.

    thanks for the reply
  7. Htrader

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    Ib only gives notices for nasdaq halts for some reason.
  8. Thanks, I did not know that. I will pass that information on.
  9. halted waiting for news

    " the company requested a halt on the New York Stock Exchange because of pending news"
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