Refco problems affect FXCM?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Alpha, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. Alpha


    Anyone any idea, whether or not to withdraw your accounts from FXCM as REFCO is getting into big big troubles now.

    They close tights with each other?

    Any insights here?
  2. fwiw am trading everyday via fxcmpro/currenex, so far no probs, liquidity providers don't seem to have a problem with fxcm at this juncture... i did worry a bit last week but... refco's only got 35% in fxcm, a bit less dangerous than with acm (they have 51%), but even then, since last tues i've withdrawn all of my clients monies from acm just to be safe, still got a small acct there and trading w/o any probs...
  3. No effect at all Refco just has an investment in there. Kind of like if you invest in GM and then go broke, GM couldn't care less.

    Of course the FUD marketing by some other brokers is a disgrase.