Refco Pro Is Utter Sh1te

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  1. Avoid at all costs. This morning, I was long 10 dax , and it started to fall aggressively, so I just hit the red strip to get out. Mkt was at 48/48.5 and I hit the 46.5 box to get out thinking it would just get me out at mkt, it got me out AT 46.5 even though the mkt wasn't trading there!!!
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    lol - this just means youre a cowboy and havent bothered to read how the platform works or maybe failed to look at the order book depth.

    ive noticed that great traders like u always blame their platforms or anything else other than them selves when they screw up.

    try trading in sim mode for a while first maybe to get used to it.

    lol - i put an order in to sell below market at 46.5 and i got filled! (what a surprise - someone got a bargin!!) boo hoo.

    learn how the markets work dude.
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    listen, if u got filled at 46.5 then that's where the market is trading, you got filled at the best bid.

    Also the dax has gone up pretty much all day, don't know what you're on about. and finally, pay peanuts you get monkies.
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    I've often wandered about what he did - does an owner of a trading platform that offers discretionary trading have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure you get best price execution?

    I would think the owner does, as otherwsie, if I owned a platfrom, I'd put some code in so when it was given off-market orders, it should execute at the customers limit and then hit the best price it can and send me a check!
  5. listen guys, been on TT for years ... if the mkt was at 48/48.5 in a fast mkt like the dax and you just hit anywhere on the red side to sell, you sold the mkt (duh!) but with Refco pro. if the order book is showing 16 offered at 64.5, 22 offered at 65, and 30 offered at 65.5 and you click 65.5 YOU FILL that person, that wasn't the case on tt, so don't give me sh1t you moron

    When the dax is going nuts, have you actually tried to locate the excat mkt offer or bid with your mouse? ok on TT with a static server, but when it's scrolling around on sh1tco pro, you'll notice how much harder it is, you just have to hit to get out

    IDIOTS! :confused:
  6. AND AS FOR U MARKY, I know it's been going up all day - hence me being long, you prat

    I got out for a loss on that one trade, big deal, what are you talking about paying peanuts, probably made more last month than you have in your whole career.....

    "learn the mkts" - that's a joke!

    Fred bloggs - didn't put an order in to get out, I hit the red strip, i.e mkt to get out..... you're an absolute idiot
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    I think you're the idiot, what you are saying is the guy with the higher offer gets filled but the lower one doesn't? So mr 65.5 offered gets filled but not mr. 64.5. I'll tell you what, that's free money - you absolute fool. Retire now because quite clearly you don't understand markets.
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    Oh and by going up all day, again you missed my point. you talked of an aggresive sell off? Could you tell me when today it sold off aggressively as I'm struggling to see more than a 10 tick sell off.
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    Fred, how did i know that you would be first post on a thread started by somebody bashing Refco? LOL
  10. This is like talking to a child, a really simple child. I'm sorry mate, when you're a trader, come and talk to us big boys ok? Until then, keep watching bloomberg TV and reading the FT and acting like you know the markets!

    OK, let me begin to explain this to you:

    if the market (that's a platform in which buyers and sellers meet to exchange things - in this case futures) ok?? you with me so far?? ok, if the mkt had 45 on the bid at 65.5, 30 on the bid at 65, 25 on the bid at 64.5 and 22 on the bid at 64 ... and you click to sell at 64 or 63, basically anywhere on the sell side, on TT you get filled, as you should be, at the first bid (in this case 65.5) which is the market price. So today, on Refco pro, I was long, and onside, and it started moving too fast for me to be able to successfully hit the first bid, so as I have done a million times on TT I hit the sell side, and got filled where I clicked, and not where the market was. I.e. I hit 64.5, and I got filled at 64.5 even though there was bids higher up. OK, RODNEY, you with me? I couldn't hit the first bids, as it was moving so fast, I couldn't track it down.... but it SHOULD, fill me at the mkt price, no matter where I hit, that is my issue you stupid, no brained, little pr1ck.....

    they're looking into it anyway, so shouldn't be a factor for that long - but never happened with TT
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