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  1. I heard that refco has recently bought out PMB. Does anyone know if Refco changed the prices of J-Trader?
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    Had an account with PMB, nothing changed with REFCO: you do not pay for JTrader (indeed it is PropTrader, but it is the same stuff).
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    I’ve heard rumors that REFCO intends to increase the current RT rate or apply a usage fee for J-Trader at some future date. I have no idea whether the increase will be applied to old PMB clients, though.
  4. Check out jgan's history of posts. All 7 of them start the same way -- try my website. Thanks a lot dude.
  5. wow!!! elocal must be a great company. I have never seen someone post so many things about 1 company. It's almost as if you work there!!!!
  6. I love ET, it´s such a great place for advertising !

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    I appreciate your remark.. it's also easier to just use the 'kill' feature on a post.
  8. :)Hi Tntneo,

    you mean I should go thru all his 11 posts he ever did on ET and use the KILL button on each one of them ?
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    yep, fxtrader, we try to check, but people posting ads are just too fast. that's why the kill function is there.
    However, I want everyone to understand that we won't accept spamming and free ads like that.

    And even though there is flexibility there when some company is truely trying to bring something interesting for members in terms of actual content IN the board.

    Also if this company wants to reply against the comments made my some members, it's fine. but just asking to email them to buy their system or go to a seminar is not acceptable. other forums on this board are more tight or less tight, it depends. For the futures forum, I'd rather not see it become like the end pages of stocks & commodities (and people pay to be in the end pages of stocks & commodities).

    PS : fxtrader, also, most of these posts are already deleted now.
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    I appologize tntao,

    I am with the firm and I will be sure not to spam. I will say this, I have been doing this for a while and the firm I am with happens to be exteremely knowledgable and cordial. I appoogize if I have insulted your board and hope to remain a member here. If anyone has any questions on VanKAr let me know what approach I should take.


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