refco photos just sold at a premium at Christies Auction House

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    from the NY post website

    -Art experts were surprised at the fierce bidding for the high-profile photographs, which went on the block to help pay back cheated investors in Refco, who are owed $16.8 billion.-

    -Before Refco collapsed Refco hung its 500-piece collection on office walls in New York and Chicago.-

    So far, the photos have garnered $7.3 million, double what was expected. All 500 pieces, amassed during the '90s, cost the firm about $3.5 million.-
  2. art market is on fire right now. fortuitous timing.
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    I wonder if there are any photos of Barry Lind laughing his way to the bank. That'd be priceless. :D
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    A nice pic of Phil Bennett in front of a three card monte game would be worth a chuckle