Refco FX

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by PohPoh, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. After having received 26 cents on the dollar, we got another chunk of cash (another 5 cents on the dollar) from Refco FX...
    They also promised us that more would be coming...

    anyone else?
  2. Similar experience. First check 22.5%, then last week another for 7.5%. 30% back so far, which is more than we expected to get.
  3. Yup...
    who sent you the check?
    If we get 50% back, I'll be thrilled and buy myself a new car..
  4. Were your accounts segregated when you opened them?
  5. My guess is that 99% of the RefcoFX account holders - including me - didn't have a clue how their funds were held at RefcoFX. RefcoFX was one of the largest FX brokers with I believe $20 Billion in assets and lots of slick advertising so fund safety wasn't on peoples minds when they opened up accounts.

    Even to this day I still don't know exactly how RefcoFx administered my funds, but I'm very happy to get back 26% of what I thought was going to be a 100% loss, now it appears I might get more back. :)