Refco existing XTrader licenses extended

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  1. This was just sent to refco xtrader users....

    To: TT/Refco End Users

    From: Trading Technologies

    There have been many misleading rumors concerning TT’s position with respect to common TT/Refco end users. Before drawing any conclusions, please consider TT’s following position.

    TT exercised a mutual contractual right to discontinue service to Refco because TT views Refco as an infringing competitor. While TT is as committed as ever to severing our relationship with Refco as long as the relationship is adversarial, TT does not (or never would) intend to cause a major burden to the innocent TT/Refco end users. In this regard, TT is taking steps to protect these end users by giving them ample opportunity to decide what course of action is in their best interest. Each end user should have the opportunity to either stay at Refco and use non-TT software or go to another FCM and use TT software.** Both processes take time to accomplish. TT believes that end users who decide to stay at Refco deserve a chance to do due diligence on non-TT software and comfortably make that choice and transition. Likewise, TT believes that end users who choose to go to another FCM, which could take time due to negotiating new clearing agreements and ordering new data lines (6-8 weeks), deserve a chance to comfortably transition to another FCM and use TT software.

    TT will extend Refco licenses to July 15, 2005 so that Refco is able to extend the licenses to TT/Refco end users to prevent the innocent end users from a major burden. Also, all TT software will be made free to Refco and to TT/Refco end users from May 1–July 15, 2005 to accommodate the end users during this transition period.

    However, TT does not control Refco – whether TT’s license extension is passed on to the TT/Refco end user is dependent on Refco.

    ** To be clear, TT is not authorizing the use of software that infringes upon TT’s patents.
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    It´s on their website as well.

    But who is considered an "end user" (and who is not) ?
  3. What does Refco have for front end software as an alternative?
  4. Plus, I reccomend GHCO as an alternative for self-backed traders. Their prop group takes a bashing on this site, but as a full client their service is terrific. I trade from home and am not affiliated with GH in any way. Success, CB
  5. GHCO won't even take GTC orders on Beans or Coffee. Their service sux.

  6. In this case anyone who clears refco and uses XTrader.
  7. Can anyone tell me if RefcpPro features a DOM ladder?

    I'm assuming it does given TTs claim that Refco are infrigniging their patent.

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  9. Does RefcoPro have an API?

    Refco customers using X trader API will be the big losers.

    A lot of them will have to stick with X trader just to keep trading their programmed strategies.