Refco Australia- now a dodo?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by let it run, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. I used to trade in the London office and moved out to Oz recently.

    Knew a couple of guys in the Sydney office and thought I would pop my head round the corner..... nothing but cardboard boes and empty desks where CQG and TT screens once sat- does anyne know what happened?
  2. refco folded. RTS in oz-land probably closed.
  3. Dogfish


    I'm pretty sure it closed before the refco scandal, no one was trading much size down there and they had endless issues with connection speed
  4. RTS is still well and truely alive, they just moved their asia pacific headquarters from Sydney to Singapore along with a lot of other shops. its a tax haven.
  5. RTS brentwood and brighton both close on friday.
  6. eldrechr,

    Do you know if this is because the traders aren't making any money or if Marathon Asset Management are just trying to stick everything under one roof in London?
  7. Marex sticking everything under one roof, they were hoping we would all go to London. But they forget there are other companies around Essex that people can go to, aswell as companies prepared to take an office full of established traders.